Academic Rigor vs. Pragmatic Rigor – Can There Be Peace

It appears that the conflict between academic rigor and practice is an age-old one that perseveres to this day. Academics publish articles in journals that advance their careers while practitioners seek real-world solutions that are immediately implementable. What will it take to reconcile this battle of standards? Is it worth producing rigorous work if only to have your efforts lost in the catacombs of obscure ‘grade A’ journals?  Should practitioners limit their understanding of solutions to the books that are biased and often subscribe to instantiated and untested claims? My most recent paper examines these tensions and offer suggestions for ‘pragmatic rigor’.

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This date is important. This is the birthdate of a wonderful portal of knowledge that I hope will one day reach many people. I believe that my work in Entrepreneurship can be an inspiration to those seeking more from their lives. Entrepreneurship can serve many functions…from making a better society through commerce to disrupting poverty on a global scale! I am excited where this journey will take me and all those who walk this path. Welcome.