Dr. Taylor

Wallace Taylor, DBA is a business scholar and consultant based in Atlanta.    Dr. Taylor provides professional services in Entrepreneurship Education, Organizational Behavior, and Interorganizational Learning.  He is a business owner serving the Atlanta area and Research Associate with Georgia State University-Robinson College of Business’s Center of Engaged Business Research (CEBR) where his research focuses on Entrepreneurship, Engaged Scholarship, Leadership, and Intercultural Business Ventures. Dr. Taylor is an advocate of internationalization and is a Chairman Member of The World Affairs Council of Atlanta. Dr. Taylor holds a Doctorate in Business from Georgia State University, an Executive Master’s of Business from Troy State University, a Masters of Internet Technology from the University of Georgia, and a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Health from Georgia State University. Originally from Guyana, South America, Dr Taylor was raised in the United States Virgin Islands and educated in Atlanta, GA where his Doctoral education emphasized Leadership, Globalization, and Business and Social Issues.

Dr. Wallace Taylor, MBA, MIT, BSc.